Kenfig Pool Holiday Caravan Park

Relax next to one of the finest wildlife habitats in Wales

Kenfig Pool Holiday Caravan Park is a static caravan park only

Season Opening Times:

Our season is from March 1st to January 5th. We are closed completely throughout December and January. We are open in February for day times only between the hours of 9am and 4pm Monday to Friday. Weekends could be a possibility with prior arrangement with the site warden and owner.

Site Fees:

The annual site fees are approximately £3,420. Each caravan has their own electric meter so depending on how much you use the caravan will determine how much your total annual fees are. The fees include all council rates, sewerage, water, waste disposal etc. The only thing you will have to buy separate is gas bottles and these can be purchased on the park through the warden or the owner. The site fees are paid in two sections. The first instalment is due at the end of October (Our year begins on November 1st) so that secures your caravan pitch for that current year. The remainder of the fees, including the previous year’s electric is due at the end of March.


The majority of caravan owners on our park are retired and in the age range of 60 plus. It is a very quiet and peaceful site and is generally seen as a home away from home. The only facility on the park is a newly furnished laundry room which consists of two washing machines and a tumble dryer. There are no facilities for children or families. The nearest pub is less than a ten minute walk from the park and the nearest shop is just a few minutes car journey away.

Caravans For Sale / Empty Plots:

We very often have caravans for sale. For information please talk to the warden, mobile number 07599 262673 or the owner for up to date information on what’s available. If we have any empty plots, we are happy to allow customers to bring their own vans on to the park, although there is a fee for allowing customers to do so.

Caravan Lifetime:

We allow caravans to stay on our park until they are twenty years old, depending on the condition. There is a possibility to stay longer depending on the condition of the caravan. Each caravan is looked at on an individual basis. There is NO guarantee though that when your caravan reaches twenty years old it will be allowed to remain on the park.


Dogs are allowed in the park, with a maximum of two per caravan. Dog owners must keep dogs on a lead at all times whilst in the park and clean up any mess immediately.