Kenfig Pool Holiday Caravan Park

Relax next to one of the finest wildlife habitats in Wales

About Us

Kenfig Pool Holiday Caravan Park is a family owned and run caravan park. It's owners are Dean and Elizabeth Deakin and family, Dean and Elizabeth Deakin have been in business for over twenty years. The site was originally bought by, Mervyn Hawkins, who had been in the caravan business for approximately 40 years and had throughout that time bought, managed and sold numerous caravan parks. He bought Kenfig Pool Caravan Park in the 1990's and as a family business,

The main reception is just past the visitors car park on the left hand site as you enter the park. Also in this building you will find a seperate room with a public payphone which is available to everyone 24hrs a day, every day of the week.

As you walk or drive down through the park, you will be able to see the Kenfig Pool directly in front of you. On the right hand side you will pass our laundry room. This room is a recently rennovated room with two new washing machines and tumble dryer. All machines are coin operated. The Laundry room is open daily and opening times are on display. We are continuing to freshen up the outside of the laundry room by replacing the roof and repainting and hope to have it finished in the coming months.

As you continue through the park, you will notice the park slopes downwards towards the rear of the park. All of our 80 pitches are levelled out and are individually marked, Almost every caravan has a view of the surrounding nature reserve, Port Talbot, Swansea Bay or the Kenfig Pool. In the fields surrounding the park you will often see horses and sheep, as well as a wide variety of birds down on the Kenfig Pool itself. By continuing around the park you will end up back at the reception area.

Our caravan park is a static caravan park and unfortunately we do not accept motor homes, tourers or tents.